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Hello and welcome to Yogaboogie, a new approach to yoga that brings fun and imagination back into your body movement.  When ever we learn something new there can be a period of discomfort or even frustration as we see most of our efforts end up short of what we had hoped or expected.  I’m sure we’d all love to master certain things soon after attempting them.  It’s only through the course of time that we begin to appreciate our efforts, acknowledge the courage it took to be a beginner and become proficient in our endeavour.  Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to  balance the beginner and the accomplished master in the one class? A class where we could experience a little joy and satisfaction and a little discomfort in learning something new? … Well, I’ve developed a class that i believe rides just such a balance, it doesn’t have any ‘moves’, it lives on the edge of creativity and has its very own kind of imaginal structure.  In a class of yogaboogie, we can ride this creative edge together, we can  practice this ‘uncomfortable’ beginner feeling and use it as a tool of growth through the  modality of yoga, imagination and dance!  We have lots of fun in the classes too!  The classes can be slow and meditative or more vigorous and active. Take your time and look around, all are welcome no matter your age or ability.

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I used to do Yogaboogie down on South Beach with Jez and it was srsly THE best thing ever. I’m not a massive ‘class’ person – and what I loved about Yogaboogie was the fun, hilarious, gorgeous, beautiful, playful space that Jez created that didn’t feel like a class and yet had all the benefits of one! Plus, this style of Yoga suits me way more than holding poses. I could feel my body finding its stretch, its groove. So sweet.

Lucy Ridsdale

Jeremy is an amazing dance instructor. He’s also a yoga pro from way back and has a deep understanding of how to keep the body flexible, fit and full of mojo. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the Yogaboogie sessions I’ve attended–good stuff!

Rob Tiller

Such a fun and exhilirating way to exercise with a smile. Jez keeps the brain and body working in a very fun way to groovy music as you follow his moves Love it!

Barbara Hewson-Bower

So good to have a laugh and be silly. Yoga Boogie is a lot of fun!

Emma Jack


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